7,259,380,241 [12.15 AM]


There are 7,259,380,241 billion people in the world right now. It is said we write our own destiny, that we are free of choosing for ourselves and that we follow the path we draw as we walk forward. So I’m the one responsible for my fucked up drawing, I’m the one to blame for getting where I never expected to be and I’m the guilty one for not meeting you, the 1 in the queue of the 7 billion. What if we never meet that 1 person that would make all the difference in our life? What if the ones that succeed come across their 1, and what if the failure is caused by passing by your 1? Maybe that’s why sometimes life suddenly makes sense. Maybe that’s why we change forever after a two hours chat with a person we never knew or some minutes with a stranger we just saw. I’m not sure if I met my 1 yet and I wonder if I ever been the 1 for someone I already met. I think these ”1s” never stay long in your life, they shake you up strong enough to force you to rebuild yourself, and leave.

I never feel lonely in this 7 billion fish bowl I swim in, I don’t change course often, I’m not anxious to get where I’m not suppose to be and somehow I know that while YOU read, along the lines, you might be 1. Whose?

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I was wearing:

Zara shirt and skirt

Triumph bra

Calvin Klein shoes

Fossil bracelet

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