Let’s Give a Fuck (a short story from Vienna)

A few days ago while being in Vienna, on my way to the bathroom, as I was passing by some over 50 years old gentlemen table, I heard the most beautiful conversation I have ever witnessed. It was one of them talking about a lady he had met. The warmth of his voce as he was almost whispering, the passion, the kindness and the words he used in describing her, made me hold my breath for a sec.
What he was actually saying was that “she had this aura, and it was not her looks, it was the way she walked into a room and made it bright, the kindness of her voice, these feelings of security, adventure, commitment, exciting nervousness she projected towards me.. so unexpected, she was the only woman ever I actually saw.. And man, she loved ME!”
I wish I could have stopped and eavesdropped more, but faking the fact that I was looking for something in my purse couldn’t last longer :) And you may think his words are not much, but the feelings behind them are the only thing worth living for.
On my way out it was silence. I stopped for a second on the stairs, looked him in the eyes and smiled. He smiled back and I would have liked to tell him something, anything, but there are no words to describe certain thoughts anyway. And yet, he had all the right words to describe her.

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