Older Then Any Of You Is

10 reasons for you to wear just Birkenstock this summer:

  1. They are 234 years old and still relevant.

  2. The ultimate trend is to wear them with sport or fancy socks.

  3. They give you that innocent, relaxed look that’s so hard to get.

  4. They are light, comfortable (unbelievable comfortable!!), in style and you can get them wet ;)

  5. Quality! They are made in Germany.

  6. All the celebrities wear them!

  7. They go with EVERYTHING! I wear them with jeans, with shorts, sport pants, a swimsuit, summer dresses, a hoodie, jumpsuits, leather pants…

  8. I chose them in red, because 5% red saves any outfit ;)

  9. They cost 20$!

  10. This is the shoe you can trust! Because you can’t go wrong when you mix up quality, tradition and style.

One thought on “Older Then Any Of You Is

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