T h e B a l l e r i n a

As I often told you before, I find trends a very consuming thing, lot of energy put into getting what’s next and almost never money well spent. But as we all want to be up to date, to shop and to bring a fresh touch to our wardrobe, I personally like to choose one trend to follow every season and mix it with the classic items I already own.

What I’m absolutely fascinated with this season it’s this ballerina trend. The light, pale colors, the sheer fabrics, the use of ribbons, the bows, I found them all to be the most feminin, romantic touch a woman can bring to her personal style. Nothing better to express your romantic, girly side like these Zara Studio shoes I fell in love with the moment I fist saw them. I decided to share them with you as I find them representative for this ballerina trend I absolutely love this season.


Which is your favorite trend this season?

I was wearing:

Zara Studio shoes

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