What Do You Pay For?


One of the things we do everyday is paying for stuff. Bills, food, clothes, transportation, nothing is free. But what when we start paying for the stuff which supposed to be free? Is there any thing we can’t buy with money? Somewhere between ”I would never” and ”I certainly do” we start paying for what money should not buy. Respect, affection, friendship, sex, likes on Facebook.. I could use your brain.. how much would it be? What’s the limit? What would we never buy and what would we never sell? I wander who sets the limit, if it’s a matter of self limitation or if it’s imposed by the general rules of the society we live in. I wonder if there are things we better be indebted for, for an undefined period of time or why not for ever and ever. Well, in the end, I guess there is nothing free, maybe just some stuff ‘unpriced’ yet, and we, the simple-minded ones , call those priceless.

What would you not pay for? :)

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I was wearing:

Zara shirt, sweater and shorts

Miss Sixty boots

Marc Jacobs bracelet

New Yorker sunglasses

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