What No One Ever Told You Before



“Life’s under no obligation to give us what we expect.” Margaret Mitchell


Nimeni cu ti-a spus ca o sa fie asa.

Ca o sa te indragostesti si o sa-ti treaca.
Ca mai poti continua inca mult dupa ce-ai spus ca nu mai poti.
Ca o sa iubesti pana la moarte pntru cativa ani dar o sa mori mult mai tarziu.
Ca mereu vei privi inapoi cu nostalgie.
Ca pana la urma trebuie sa fii tu insuti.
Ca lumea e plina de ticalosi si chiar mai mult.
Ca binele, fericirea, sexul nu sunt la fel pentru toata lumea.
Ca timpul trece.
Ca oamenii nu se schimba.
Ca cei mai buni prieteni sunt mereu altii.
Ca vei dori mereu ce ai avut si ce nu ai.
Ca de multe ori nu ai dreptate.
Ca o sa poti sa alegi pentru tine.
Ca ultima iubire e intotdeauna singura cand ai iubit.
Ca n-ai cum sa eviti caderile nervoase si aruncatul cu lucruri.
Ca o sa uiti si inevitabil, uneori o sa-ti aduci aminte.

No one ever told you it’s going to be this way.

That you’ll fall in love and it will pass away.
That you’ll love till death do you part for some years and yet you’ll die much later.
That you’ll always like your past better.
That you’ll have to be yourself eventually.
That the world is full of villains and much more.
That you can still go on after you said you can’t do it anymore.
That good, happiness and sex are not the same for everybody.
That time goes by.
That people don’t change.
That best friends are never the same.
That you’ll always want what you had and what you don’t have.
That you’re often not right.
That you can choose for yourself.
That your last love is always the only time you ever loved.
That you can’t avoid brake downs and throuwing out with things.
That you’ll forget and sometimes,inevitably you’ll remember.

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Pull and Bear t-shirt

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Calvin Klein shoes

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