London Fashion Week. Shoes and other stories

Everybody loves shoes! So I thought I should share with u some of the shoes I got to photograph at London Fashion Week. Same as the outfits you got to see in the last posts, the imagination, diversity and originality were also found in the choice of shoes. The life runway can be sometimes as exciting, unpredictable and glamorous as the one from the live shows. Enjoy!


DSC03873 DSC03888 DSC03890 DSC03898 DSC03899 DSC03905 DSC03907 DSC03916 DSC03918 DSC03984 DSC03987 DSC03997 DSC03998 DSC04000 DSC04006 DSC04019 DSC04029 DSC04042 DSC04047 DSC04051 DSC04055 DSC04170 DSC04215 DSC04217 DSC04224 DSC04236

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