London Fashion Week day 5. The pink sweater

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 Here it is my colored outfit for the last day of London Fashion Week event. This was nothing of what I initially thought of wearing, it was just something I came up with the night before and was a choice based on my mood at the moment. I guess it was a good choice after all, because of the amount of photos and attention brought by it. The pink sweater and shirt I bought in London were exactly what I was looking for to wear with my wide black pants. This outfit will always be a way to remember one of the most amazing days I spent in London!


                                                                                    I was wearing:

                                                                             Zara sweater, shirt, trousers and belt

                                                                             Musette boots

                                                                             Accessories cap

                                                                             Calvin Klein bag

                                                                             New Yorker roses


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