The White Shirt is The New Black Dress


I believe in things that never get out of style. I never thought of clothes as an investment, but if you want to make your money worth, you can buy things that will make you look IN even if they had been in your closet for a while. The little black dress has always been a very discussed item of clothing, the one thought to be that one thing that can’t miss from a lady’s closet. I agree, that along with some other pieces of clothing, it is one of the most significant item and can’t be wiped of the list. But on my imaginary list, the fist place is taken by the white shirt. In this life played on fast forward, where everybody tries the nearly impossible thing of mixing fashion with comfort, the white shirt has the versatility to save you from many fashion dilemmas. Mixed with some jeans for a casual look, or with a pencil skirt for a day at the office or even with a long silk dress for a night out, it will always be the perfect, always IN solution.

There is a large range of styles you can chose from when you buy a white shirt. The other day when I was at Zara buying the shirt I am wearing in the photos, I noticed they have lot of styles u can chose from. I wanted the classic one, with the straight cuts, the one that got very close to the masculine style. Good luck in choosing the style that fits you the best! :)


DSC05940DSC05788 DSC05792 DSC05805 DSC05807 DSC05808 DSC05815 DSC05827 DSC05841 DSC05845 DSC05853 DSC05860 DSC05869 DSC05879 DSC05891 DSC05920 DSC05925 DSC05938

I was wearing:

ZARA white shirt

Denny Rose suit

Adidas sneakers and belt

Marc Jacobs bracelet

Tommy Hilfiger watch

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