Would You Care For Some Happiness?


Even if it’s something we deliberately think about or is just a random thing that occurs, we all have goals. Of course that they change in time, as we grow older, wiser, stronger. Personally, I had this one goal in the last 10 years, that didn’t change, witch I achieved and I’ll try to secure for the rest of my life. And that’s: to be happy. Happiness is not a something we can take for granted, it’s made of our choices, it’s given by the selection of priorities and by something we often call luck. I surely think that the best advice one can get is to make good choices. And making those choices in order to be happy can’t bring anything but good things.

Because in the last post I told u about the white shirt, I decided to wear another type of white shirt for today photos, a more casual one for a totally different look and style. Have the best week-end!

DSC06125 DSC06133 DSC06144 DSC06159 DSC06163 DSC06186 DSC06192 DSC06195 DSC06196 DSC06199 DSC06200 DSC06205 DSC06209 DSC06214 DSC06215 DSC06228

I was wearing:

Reserved shirt

Zara trousers, bag and shoes

Tommy Hilfiger watch

Ray Ban sunglasses

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