Are your curtains drawn?


I always liked to look in other people’s homes. Since I was little I loved the feeling of watching the lit windows while you drive away in the night. Every window has a story. Other people’s life can be fascinating, especially when you can imagine it in your own way. But for me is less about the people. I love to watch the home, the setting where one can place the imaginary characters living the life you imagine for them for the next few seconds. I always wondered why people let you look inside their homes. My curtains are always drawn. Looking from outside, especially with the innocence of a child, other people lives can be spotless. The bits of life you imagine on the other side of the glass are a mirrored image of your dreams. Sometimes the windows become familiar as you see them every night in your way home. The little glances put together make a story of their own. There are windows that, as a good painting, make you want to watch them over and over again. Sometimes you look for those windows that match with your feelings as you look for the people who match with your soul.

Tonight I’ll drive by that window with the low light and the pale walls, where the music is never loud and the lit cigarette on the sill is always there. I have a story. And even if it doesn’t matches your reality, I paint it in my own way. Are your curtains drawn?

DSC03780 DSC03793 DSC03797 DSC03808 DSC03811 DSC03818 DSC03820 DSC03824 DSC03825 DSC03826 DSC03831 DSC03834 DSC03837 DSC03838 DSC03839 DSC03843 DSC03844 DSC03845 DSC03854

I was wearing:

Kenvelo t-shirt

 Zara shorts

Italian leather shoes

 Fossil bracelet

 Accessorize chain

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