I Am Back, Why Do You Not Cheer?


I’m sitting on this empty beach. The wind in my hair and the sand between my toes makes it feel real. Behind me, all my dreams outline the life I thought I would have. In front of me is a blank page, wider then the sea I squint, that still needs to be written. But right here, on this spot I stand, making a trace in the sand, is me living the blend of all the expectations I ever had. Expectations are always too high to come true. The fascinating human mind has this mind blowing ability of creating the most perfect scenarios, that are impossible to function with the real situations. What we perceive as failing, is just the impossibility of reality to keep up with the complex and inexhaustible means of imagination. Right now I live a life I didn’t expect at all. Is like this very moment, when you read these words, expecting to learn something I might never tell you, while the fact that you took a moment to read it, is more then I ever expected. Cheers!

DSC05901 DSC05916 DSC05917 DSC05932 DSC05941 DSC05964 DSC05977 DSC05979 DSC05983 DSC05985 DSC05987 DSC05988 DSC06008

I was wearing:

Zara blazer

Stefanel dress

Nike shoes

Tommy Hilfiger watch

H&M sunglasses

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