Tall, slim, educated girl seeking long term best friend for a serious friendship


” ‘We’ll be Friends Forever, won’t we, Pooh?’ asked Piglet.  ‘Even longer, ‘Pooh answered. ”  A.A. Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh

Friendships:  the ultimate goal, the ‘I can’t think without you’ situation, your conscience, your best laugh, the one that walks with you, your life witness, the one you’re sure of, the one who’ll keep coming back and the one you’ll always go back to. Friends come and go. We often loose the ones we love most. We often don’t remember the reason they are gone, but we always know the moment when we realize they’re not there anymore. They often say we have a limited number of ‘great loves’ in this life. How about best friends? Are they counted too? The unpopular kid makes lot of friends when he’s an adult because he didn’t finish the given number of friendships we usually waste while being young and foolish? I want my friends back! I wonder if they feel the same. I wonder if I can connect now with my past mates. I’m not sure if I believe in making friends after a certain age. With age we become demanding, we have more expectations and less availability, we judge more, we are never there, we don’t stop to do nothing. And friendship is about doing nothing with your best friend. Friendship is about long laughs, secrets told in whispers, staying up late and sharing. I lost so many friends. I don’t remember when or why. No one told me that when you grow up making best friends is as hard as finding soul mates. Maybe is the way it suppose to happen, maybe the people we meet along the way are set to fit that specific frame of time, or maybe we need to reset ourselves in order to connect with the others. The solution of putting an add like ”tall, slim, well educated girl, seeks long term best friend for a serious friendship” is not available, but we can always keep the ones we love close and we may notice that some we’ll always be there.

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I was wearing:

C&A Coca Cola t-shirt

Pause skirt

H&M shorts

Guess shoes

Vintage watch

DKNY bracelet

Morellato bracelet

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