Life Happens


Life happens while you:

..think of something to wear

..don’t care the extra hours for a promotion

..think of the past

..stay in traffic for 40 minutes to go eat 10 minutes fast food

..wait for an opportunity, love, best job

..are having your hair, nails, brows, eyelashes, lips, nose, cheeks, butt… done

..try to fit in the too tight pair of jeans

..envy, hate, accuse, fear, attack, criticize, humiliate, discourage, reject, blame

..want a bigger home, a faster car, higher heels, longer nails, endless cash

..scroll on Facebook

..don’t listen

..wait for the next summer, next vacation, next pay check, next week-end,next year

..say ”I told you so”

..make up excuses

..give up.

But in the end, in life, the things you give are equal to the ones you get. So, good luck!

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I was wearing:

H&M dress

Denny Rose sweater and necklace

Ovye boots


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