Save It For Later


Sometimes life turns out to be a ”save it for later” situation. You know when u save the best of your food for the last bite? Is the same in life. We save money for a better vacation, we save our free time to spend it with the ones we love later, we save for more expensive clothes, for longer vacations, for a faster car or an older wine. I noticed we save for later what we like most. I used to buy items of clothing and save them for a special occasion and keep thinking that the special occasion is never special enough, ending up not wearing them till they went out of style. I even used to save for later my feelings, postponing spending time with my family, expressing my feelings for the one I love or telling the good joke I just heard. Now I save a lot less. Now I don’t hoard my money, my feelings, my things for a better time, person, place. I give it all, now. Every time I feel like I should save it for later is the sign I should do it now. Something else will come up for some other time. Everything u don’t give or do when is asked, is just lost to you.

We are a world of savers. But we can’t save life for later. This is not a rehearsal or some kind of storage for the marvelous endless future we might experience. So today I’ll jump in the pool even if my hair gets wet and I’ll do the dishes even if I was saving my energy to save the world.

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I was wearing:

loops by Robert In’t Veld swimsuit

Zara top

Ugg slippers

Chopard sunglasses

Marc Jacobs bracelet

Maison Scotch necklace


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