25 shades of you


I’ve been thinking a lot lately about life and the way we often forget to live it. In this world where ”I have no time” has become the most common phrase we think of, I made up a list with some things we could find time to do and maybe make them a way of living.

1.Spend time with yourself. Even if is just going for a ride, having a glass of wine in the evening, watching the rain through the window or listen to your favorite song at highest volume.

2.Call your family. Tell them the good and the bad in your life, they will open back to you.

3.Fall in love. Often, entirely, irreparable.

4.Don’t go out of the house with your hair dirty. Never!

5.Give back. That’s the only way life works. Being grateful for what you have and give back is all that matters.

6.Have breakfast. Make it a ritual, have your favorite food, some tasty coffee, watch a good show or read the newspaper. Make it your moment!

7.Give away. Daily, weekly, as often as you can, there are always things we can live without. Some people need them or like them more then we do.

8.Travel. Just do it!

9.Volunteer. Help and never expect something in return.

10.Go to theatre. It’s the most personal form of art.

11.Take dance classes. You’ll be amazed how useful they will be throughout your life.

12.Go to a concert. Go see your favorite band or artist in a live concert, the energy is incredible.

13.Host parties. Gather your close friends at your home. Think of a theme, prepare a nice meal, laugh till morning.

14.Read as many magazines as you can. Do it every month, keep yourself informed, that way you’ll never feel left out in a conversation.

15.Buy yourself some education. You can never stop learning. Find something new to learn all the time, no matter if is painting or cooking or something that will change your career.

16.Define your style and personality. Help yourself evolve and become the person you would like to meet.

17.Have a dream. Some things are be hard to accomplish and it may take to work for them everyday.

18.Be the best at something. Choose something you would like to do and don’t stop till you’re the best.

19.Be a good cook. Everybody can cook, be a good one.

20.Pay attention to details. Sometimes they are all that matter and can be life changing.

21.Don’t forget to say ”thank you” and admit each time you are wrong. That’s never a sign of weakness, it’s always a sign of strength.

22.Shut up. Speak only if you have something to say.

23.Play a sport. Do it for fun, for the challenge or for being a pro.

24.Make time for your parents.

25.Don’t give up! No one that ever succeeded gave up.


2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

I was wearing:

Zara top, trousers and shoes

New Yorker sunglasses

Guess watch

Marc Jacobs bracelet

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