velvet pants 1

I eat no chocolate.

I develop at least one obsession at a time.

I never went out of the house without nail polish since I was in the 7th grade.

I eat food with my hands when I’m alone.

I buy all the fashion magazines I can find.

I phone my mother at least once a day (hi, mom!).

I often watch TV with sound off.

I never get the plot of the movies.

I always wanted to be a natural blonde.

I can’t pack light.

I used to think I will become a writer.

I am the most lucky person I have ever met.

I think that there is nothing more beautiful then the sea.

I don’t like Facebook.

I believe in God.

I don’t cry at the movies.

I don’t need anything else but coffee, love and a superhero.

I can read between the lines.

I don’t like clubs, capes and week-ends.

I use Photoshop.

I’ve never been single.

I feel sexy when I wear a shirt.

I google myself all the time.

I always dress up on Friday.

I don’t like romance.

I like to talk with old people.

I never confuse happiness with shopping.

I get weak if you read me from my favorite author.

I had my heart broken.

I like to wear white, grey and black.

I’m scared of people with canes.

I like rings, fast thinking and attitude in a man.

I like kindness, genuineness and silence in a woman.

I lie everyday.

One of the above is a lie.

velvet pants 2 velvet pants 3 velvet pants 4 velvet pants 5 velvet pants 6 velvet pants 7 velvet pants 8 velvet pants 11

I was wearing:

Zara Home silk top

Mango velvet trousers

H&M wool cardigan

Calvin Klein suede shoes

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