new americana 1

Since the famous bloggers moved to La La Land, living and promoting the fascinating American dream, the one with the never old vintage clothes, the iconic music and musicians printed on the boyfriend’s t-shirt, along with the chilly life of strolling along the palm tree covered in breathtaking sunsets boulevards, we all want a piece of that life free of mortgage, free of calories, free of duties and so full of charm and vintage style. Because they say you can’t go wrong with vintage. Vintage is the new Chanel, people want what they can’t have: the Yeezy shoes, no hair on legs, the past. And with the 60s and 70s being in style for I don’t remember how many seasons now, being old fashion never been more cool and IN, then in this perpetual and present fashion Woodstock we live in.

I have no idea if this new Americana generation Halsey talks about in her song is real. I would like to believe in a new generation of teenagers, Americans, Europeans or whatever, that feels free- free of judgement, free of consumerism, free of hate, free of trends. A generation that goes back to roots, even if those roots are only as far as the 60s, that lives free, dreams high, feels more. A generation that wears clothes instead of brands and makes love instead of shopping.

I personally don’t like the idea of wearing someone else’s old clothes, even though I would cave in for a pair of vintage Levi’s or a vintage rock t-shirt I’ve always been obsessed with!

I love the American dream, but that’s because I’m always searching for something I can’t reach: impossible love, more expensive shoes, eternal happiness, higher morals… And along with this declaration of independence brought to life by the new generation, I can’t do anything else but surrender and live vintage in the most Jimi Hendrix possible way: as I want to.

new americana 2 new americana 3 new americana 4 new americana 5 new americana 6 new americana 7 new americana 8 new americana 9

I was wearing:

Bershka jeans dress and sunglasses

Orsay cardigan

Oysho socks

Cropp Clothing Coca Cola t-shirt

Sony headphones

Zara Man leather gloves


Song source: New Americana, by Halsey

Thank you Halsey  for one of the most amazing songs of the last decade!

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