C&A Spring/ Summer 2017


It’s the middle of winter but it feels a lot like summer! This is how it felt yesterday at the C&A preview of the Spring/Summer 2017 collection. Spring/Summer 2017 by C&A is a story inspired by the marring of global trends and local style. Looks promote consciousness, revitalizing traditional forms of craftsmanship with a modern sensibility. An exploration of prints, patterns, textures and colors that makes it a collection for everyone. What I discovered there and what I most loved you can see in the photos below. Wish you all a fabulous C&A fashion year!

ca-2017-2 ca-2017-3 ca-2017-4 ca-2017-5 ca-2017-6 ca-2017-7 ca-2017-8 ca-2017-9 ca-2017-10 ca-2017-11 ca-2017-12 ca-2017-13 ca-2017-14 ca-2017-15 ca-2017-16

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