Life As a Countdown

274 days till Christmas, 2 months till summer, 3 weeks till the next vacation, 17 days till my birthday, 5 months till the next Fashion Week, 8 hours till my next post… 90 days since the last Christmas, 7 months since the last summer, 9 weeks since the last vacation, 348 days since my last birthday, 2 months since the last Fashion Week, 72 hours since my last post…

This is how we count life. There are always numbers that tell us when we’ll live again. What about right now? Right now is 10 PM, I’ll finish to write this in 30 minutes, sleep for 8 hours, meet my family for lunch in 12 hours, get back to Bucharest in 4 days, take a vacation in 3 weeks… And I don’t even like math so much!


DSC07437 DSC07443 DSC07445 DSC07446 DSC07451 DSC07461 DSC07464 DSC07474 DSC07481 DSC07495 DSC07501 DSC07507 DSC07508 DSC07519 DSC07522 DSC07531 DSC07542 DSC07547 DSC07552 DSC07562 DSC07564 DSC07568 DSC07573 DSC07574 DSC07582 DSC07585 DSC07590 DSC07595 DSC07599 DSC07611 DSC07625 DSC07628 DSC07631 DSC07632


I was wearing:

Denny Rose jumpsuit

Mango top

Zara boots

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