The Real Slim Shade(less)

Sun is up, it’s almost time, pack your bags, see you there! It’s that time of the year when we need to pick the real slim shade(less) item of clothing to turn us into that unforgettable summer dream! I made a selection … Continue reading

Never Ever

  This is my “I would never” year. Along the years I often told myself I would never do so many things! And I think it’s time I give a try to some of them. So I give up on my … Continue reading


Femeile sunt crude. Femeia aia pe care o iubesti pe ascuns de ceva timp incoace, stie! Nu o sa-ti spuna niciodata ca s-a prins din prima si nici n-o sa fie mai ingaduitoare cu manifestarile stangace pe care le agiti … Continue reading