Milan Fashion Week #thirdlook

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I was wearing:

Zara leather jacket and gloves

Meltin’Pot t-shirt

Hippie Hippie Shake skirt

Adidas trousers

Calvin Klein shoes

Ray-Ban sunglasses

3 thoughts on “Milan Fashion Week #thirdlook

  1. My perfect Leather Jacket! From Zara. i missed out on it and they sold out :( . It looks great on you. How does it feel to wear?

    • Thank you! The jacket is my dream leather jacket because is so simple and they only make full of zips ones , that can also be nice but not suitable for any type of outfit. That’s an M i’m wearing , even if I’m an XS, and I found it on sales because maybe girls thought M is too big but the XS was incredible small , probably some sizes mix up :)

      • i’ll find one! You’re so right about the zips! There’s something about the collar that i adore. The collar is sooo, em, soo…? Something x

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