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I can definitely say I am in love with London. Well, not so much with the moody weather! After a few rainy, windy days I spend here, I finally got to enjoy some sun…for 30 minutes or so :) Just enough to take these photos and share with you this outfit. I have always been very found of masculine clothes wore with some feminine touch. I was absolutely in love with this Zara studio trousers the moment i saw them because of the texture and the way they fit one body. The blazer and the vest are from one of my favorite brands ever Denny Rose and even if i had the items in my closet for a long time i thought they look very much this season because of the stripes and color that were so IN in the last collections.

I was wearing:

Denny Rose blazer and vest

Zara Studio trousers

Musette boots

Marc Jacobs bracelet

Diesel watch

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