London Fashion Week. The People (I)

Well, well, well.. to tell you the truth, attending a Fashion Week event can be quite overwhelming. First of all because of the attention one can get from all the photographers and media you can find there and second because of the multitude of the imposing people that one gets to see during the week. The event is amazing, the vibe is very positive, the people are stunning, friendly and they definitely speak the same language which is fashion. Is true that I had very high expectations of the outfits I thought I would see people wearing for the event.  Was nothing like I expected! Neither the glamour nor the source of inspiration I expected to find were there. But what I could find was an unlimited imagination, unique sense of style, diversity, beauty and confidence of people wearing their clothes in a proud, decent and original way. I can only say it was awesome! Congratulations to all of them that put thoughts and time in getting ready and choosing whatever they felt like wearing for the event! I can tell u that’s not an easy job ;)

I only attended two of the five days, and here I share with u some photos I took while being outside Somerset House in the few hours I spent there. I didn’t make a selection of what I like, I show u everything, the stunning, the circus, the beauty, the show,  so that u can make your own conclusions and maybe feel the vibe of the event. Enjoy!

1833 1866 1888 1933 1944 1966 2044 2055 2955 3244 3299 3366 3399 3400 3511 3522 3533 3600 3677 3722 3799 3833 3855 3944 3966 3988 4022 4144 4166 4177 4277 4299 4322 4377 4488 4499 4655 4844 4866 4922 4966 4988 5055 5077 5099 5166 1655

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