The Victoria’s Secret experience

While being in London I thought I have to go to see the Victoria’s Secret store. Being a long time admirer of the brand and after experiencing only the online shopping with them, I thought that paying a visit to their store could be a nice experience. And that is what it was: an unexpected, fabulous, amazing experience! I don’t know if it was the incredible rainy, windy day outside, the cold, or the rush I was in during the whole day, or the fact that it was Valentine’s Day, but the moment I stepped in was like the world turned upside down and I fell in a hole like Alice in Wonderland, waking up in a different reality. The lights, the colors, the sparkle, the music, the people, everything was so out of this world that I felt like I need to stop for a few seconds before starting to explore everything. The store has 4 floors, one more glamorous then another, with lot of mirrors and lot of sparkle in different shades of pink. The time went by so fast that somehow I managed to stay in the store for almost 2 hours. When I left it was getting dark, the rain stopped and somehow the pink bags I was holding were the proof that my Alice in Wonderland moment has not been just a dream.

More photos on my instagram account.

I was wearing:

Victoria’s Secret shirt and panties

640 j DSC03608 j

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