Sunday routine

As strange as it might be, I never been a week-end lover. The slow-motion feeling it gives is something I disliked even since I was a little child. Can be because I enjoy a lot what I do during the week or maybe just because I really need to always do something. So if I’m not traveling and I’m in the city my Sundays start with a coffee after 11 o’clock while reading the news in bed on my ipad, a nice bath with some loud music, some comfy clothes and I’m out for the day. The nights are pretty much the same: some things to get in order for the starting week, some decaf, a phone call or two, a movie and a good sleep. Routine.. a nice one, that kind of routine that help us pause and enjoy the taste of coffee, the rain or the sunset, the view on our own window, the gossip with a friend we forgot to call in weeks.

This was shoot this Sunday, sometime between my first and second coffee and I think it will be something new to add to my week-end routine.

I was wearing:

 Zara blazer and shorts

Ovye boots

Victoria’s Secret top

DKNY bracelet


DSC05206 DSC05207 DSC05221 DSC05232 DSC05245 DSC05262 DSC05282 DSC05287 DSC05304 DSC05331 DSC05333 DSC05334 DSC05417 DSC05420 DSC05428 DSC05437 DSC05438 DSC05446 DSC05448 DSC05457 DSC05463 DSC05466

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