Band of Creators in Wonderland Event



This Monday I attended the ”Band of Creators in Wonderland” event. It was a long-expected evening with amazing creations of some talented young designers in a fairy tale setting. In front of over 400 beautiful guests, 10 of the creative designers presented a selection of their spring-summer collections which are available exclusively in the Band of Creators showroom and online on .

Band of Creators is a team of designers and  we got to see 10 of them on Monday: Ana-Maria Gal, Aer Wear, Beliv, Adriana Goliav, 109, Crepe Black Collar, Florentian Giol, Dorv Clothing, Sandra Galan, Alina Morar.

“Band of Creators in Wonderland” is the second event, after the one called “Secret Garden” that took place last October and where the designers displayed their fall-winter collections.

Growing bigger and bigger with every month, Band of Creators is also a way of distribution and promotion for the young Romanian designers. The beautiful designs are available in the Band of Creators showroom and online on .

More details on and on

Band of Creators Designers’ Store, street Benjamin Franklin, number 14, Bucharest


DSC09006 DSC09028 DSC09032 DSC09033 DSC09061 DSC09082 DSC09085 DSC09093 DSC09117 DSC09142 DSC09164 DSC09174 DSC09183 DSC09186 DSC09189 DSC09193 DSC09199 DSC09203 DSC09214 DSC09217 DSC09220 DSC09241 DSC09257 DSC09269 DSC09276 DSC09281 DSC09293 DSC09296 DSC09300 DSC09309 DSC09321 DSC09325 DSC09331 DSC09345 DSC09350 DSC09352 DSC09356 DSC09360 DSC09367 DSC09378 DSC09379 DSC09388 DSC09393 DSC09403 DSC09410 DSC09415 DSC09426 DSC09434 DSC09449 DSC09456 DSC09461 DSC09467 DSC09474 DSC09478 DSC09485 DSC09488 DSC09494 DSC09502 DSC09507 DSC09513 DSC09520 DSC09526 DSC09534 DSC09542 DSC09548 DSC09558 DSC09575 DSC09581 DSC09586 DSC09589 DSC09598 DSC09604 DSC09620 DSC09631 DSC09650 DSC09659 DSC09665 DSC09674 DSC09681 DSC09687 DSC09695 DSC09703 DSC09721 DSC09727 DSC09740 DSC09751 DSC09763 DSC09775 DSC09782 DSC09785 DSC09789 DSC09795 DSC09801 DSC09807 DSC09815 DSC09824 DSC09829 DSC09835 DSC09849 DSC09853

I was wearing:

Denny Rose top

 Zara skirt and shoes

Calvin Klein purse


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