The Night We Said Goodbye


I absolutely love this drama t-shirt I found in an outlet store a few months ago. The message got stuck in my mind and I got back the second day to buy it. I just kept thinking that there is lot of drama and emotions behind a goodbye situation. Is strange that as individuals that often run away from ”forever” situations we can get so scared of the ”never” factor implied by telling a goodbye. Or maybe the drama is caused by the fact that we always want something we can’t have or the fact that we realize what we have only after we lost it. I suppose is the human nature and not even the being wiser aspirations can save us from the drama in our life. But in the end life is a series of goodbyes, we always leave something behind, something that never comes back, like our childhood, the home we grew up in, grandparents, the first love, that summer… We sometimes can recall the precise moment it happened, other times goodbyes come in waves. But we’ll always remember the feeling behind it. And even if goodbyes are usually definitive, there are always the memories that are forever and we take them with us through out our entire life.

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I was wearing:

Meltin’ Pot t-shirt

PNK Casual shorts

Musette shoes

Guess watch


This was shoot in front of the National Museum of History in Bucharest

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