I Got Offered The World

Before you offer me the world you should notice I have my own

Life can get quite overwhelming sometimes. It happens along the years to find ourselves in situations when by chance or why not, by luck, life offers us opportunities or rewards bigger then we can handle at that moment. What do you do when you have it all? No way, you will say, you can’t have it all as you can’t think in terms as never and forever. Having it all is relative because that ”all” is given by the expectations we each have on the future or life in general. But I can say with no doubt, that I experienced the ”having all” situation several time in my life. I don’t know if is me or my lucky star ( I like to say I don t have a lucky star, I have a galaxy of lucky stars:) ), but life gave me sometimes the opportunity to feel like I own the world. But what do you do when someone offers u the world? No matter if is the dream job, a lifetime journey, the adventure of your life, an endless love story, take it! As long as you don’t have your own yet..


DSC08699 DSC08702 DSC08704 DSC08710 DSC08711 DSC08715 DSC08751 DSC08761 DSC08764 DSC08766 DSC08767 DSC08769 DSC08770 DSC08771 DSC08781 DSC08788 DSC08789 DSC08793 DSC08796 DSC08809 DSC08824 DSC08839

I was wearing:

Mango dress and vest

Ovye boots

Marc Jacobs bracelet

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