Ladys and Gentlemen, my home city! #bacau


A few weeks ago I went home to spend some time with my family and is then that I took these photos of my home city that I wanted to share with you. This place is the closest to my heart and going back there makes me feel the happiest girl in the world. Every rock, corner, street is full of memories of my childhood, friends, family and leaving it was the hardest thing I did when I had to grew up and find my way in life. But when I left it, I took some things with me, and those things are the memories of the most perfect childhood, the love of my family, my best friend, the education I got over the years and some dreams I try to make come true. See you soon Bacau!





DSC08013 DSC08017 DSC08023 DSC08024 DSC08027 DSC08029 DSC08032 DSC08034 DSC08046 DSC08050 DSC08055 DSC08058 DSC08061 DSC08062 DSC08063 DSC08064 DSC08077 DSC08084 DSC08089

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