To Pack Or Not To Pack


“Did you ever notice that the first piece of luggage on the carousel never belongs to anyone?” Erma Bombeck

I just got back last night from a short Easter vacation in Bulgaria. Those days spent there in a mix of rain, sun, wind, sea breeze made me think about packing. I think we all hate to pack! Personally, for me a 3 days trip or a 3 weeks one is almost the same if we talk about packing. After doing it so many times, it became a routine and got lot easier. I almost never forget anything I might need and I usually have something to wear for any situation I might encounter once arrived there. On my packing list there are a few items that are a must each time I travel: my make-up case, the beauty products I use, a hair brush (I used to forget it every time!), the hair straightener( that I also use for curls), the small flatiron, jewelries and accessories, a nail polish, comfy pajamas, the photo camera, all the chargers for the devices I use, sunglasses, matching shoes and bags for the outfits I choose, a swim suit, a lint roller, matching underwear, some emergency pills, the head phones and the laptop. I always looked with envy and admiration to the fact that some people can pack light or have their stuff in a backpack. Must be some kind of talent, art or way of living that I can’t yet understand.

There is always a sadness and a happiness about packing. The sadness of leaving home or the places you love, the fear of the unknown, the wondering if the things you’ll experience are as good as the ones you did in the past. And there is the happy thoughts of seeing the ones you missed, the places that make you dream, the new things to discover, the city that makes you feel alive. There is one constant related to packing, and that’s the fact that it always implies travelling and that wherever you go you take yourself with you.



DSC00014 DSC00016 DSC00031 DSC00035 DSC00040 DSC00041 DSC00050 DSC00052 DSC00055 DSC00059 DSC00082 DSC00162 DSC00177 DSC00200 DSC00204 DSC00208

I was wearing:

Zara shirt, jeans, sunglasses

Bertie shoes

 Diesel watch

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