Why Do We Give Up


”Today, when I stepped outside, I got shit on by a bird. But I’m still going back outside tomorrow.” Christie Craig

Sometimes we give up. Is true that we what to give up more often then we actually do it, but we still do it several times through out our life. I never heard about successful people to give up at a certain point. Is true that not giving up doesn’t guarantee you the success, but it offers you the chance to get where you always wanted to be. We give up because of us, because our own uncertainty, lack of self-esteem, laziness or fear of failing. Or we give up because other people suggest we should do it. ”You know, this dream of yours is a hobby, when are you going to give up?”. But remember is always easy for the others to give up on YOUR dream.

Sometimes I give up…  for a few minutes, for a few hours, for a few days. Sometimes it gets hard, so I need to restart, but never to shut down. I rethink the things, I find the motivation, I evaluate the mistakes. And then I go back. Somehow we like to think giving up is an option, and we keep it there just in case. But is not. Don’t wait too long, don’t quit and the most important enjoy it when it happens :) Sometime ago I wrote a big ”Don’t give up!” with a black marker on my bedroom mirror, and I never did :)

DSC01637 DSC01639 DSC01643 DSC01646 DSC01655 DSC01657 DSC01669 DSC01673 DSC01680 DSC01688 DSC01698 DSC01713 DSC01718 DSC01722 DSC01735

I was wearing:

Zara trousers and sweater

Mango shoes

Diesel watch

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