You Made Me Turn My Head Around


I turn my head around sometimes seeing a well dressed person, a handsome man, someone that looks familiar, a catchy window display or the sky of the Bucharest’s sunsets. Sometimes I turn my head around and I look back to the things that happened, those things that get stuck in our mind for years, that make us retell them every time we have the chance and that always make us recall what we felt at that moment they happened. Memories are always different from the facts themselves. Looking behind, the things we experienced in the past, always feel different; the childhood acquires a feeling of fairytale, the jokes are funnier, the vacations seem longer, the friends are perfect, the hometown seems bigger, the summers are matchless. Sometimes our entire life is turned around and we get so caught up in the mess or thrill and we forget we have to move to keep the balance.

There are lot of things that can turn our heads around, a smart remark,a kind gesture, a sexy person, good looking shoes, a song.. but right now looking straight forward I see my whole life in front of me and even if the future doesn’t even know I’m here, I’ll be there soon.

DSC00580 DSC00592 DSC00595 DSC00605 DSC00607 DSC00612 DSC00630 DSC00645 DSC00649 DSC00652 DSC00656 DSC00665 DSC00666 DSC00671 DSC00680 DSC00681

I was wearing:

Bershka dress

Swarovski ring

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