Parlor = a room set aside for the entertainment of guests.

Parlor is a new born fashion brand, launched in 2009 and located in one of the most elegant areas of Bucharest. Parlor offers a real oasis for the freedom of expression in the feminine fashion world.  The Parlor items are a tailored tribute to beauty and the brand style ensures a wide range of combinations, from the most classic to the hippest ones.

The outfits from the new collection show lot of geometric and floral elements through a bold use of volume and with lot of originality in the unique interpretation of classic femininity as seen by the designer Veronica Zaharia. All the fabrics, colors, lace exuberance, precious silk, bring freshness and memories of the inner princess lying in each of us. Parlor invites you to let yourself caught by the magic of the elegant dresses, designed in the most amazing colors, perfect shapes and bold cuts. Let yourself become the princess of your own story!

More information soon on or at Parlor Str.Silvestru, 6, Bucharest.


I woke up like this.. with this amazing surprise from Parlor sharing their new collection in a super cool catalogue accompanied by the best smelling flowers ever! Thank u Parlor!

DSC02566 DSC02569 DSC02634 DSC02636 DSC02641 DSC02649 DSC02655 DSC02680 DSC02908 DSC02914 DSC02917 DSC02919 DSC02921 DSC02922 DSC02923 DSC02924 DSC02925 DSC02926 DSC02927 DSC02928 DSC02929 DSC02946 DSC02951 DSC02953 DSC02961 DSC02964 DSC02967 DSC02971 DSC02979

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