Knock, knock! Who’s there?


We meet a lot of people along the way. Part of what we are, is what we take from them. When we are young we sometimes get so overwhelmed by other’s way of living that we invent ourselves for a while. We often imagine us in other people’s shoes, living the glamour of others life or wishing for the love we picture they experience. Sometimes we get to have the glamour and live the love. And is nothing as we imagined it to be. Sometimes the people we meet along the way are never gone. The impact they have upon ourselves is so deep, we carry them with us forever. Then, as we grow older we don’t take so much from others and we start to live ourselves more often. After a certain age we feel like we have nothing to prove and living our life while being who we are, feels right and comfortable. But as much as we manage to live ourselves, people we met along the way defined what we all are today. All good, as long we don’t loose ourselves. So, knock, knock! Who’s there?


2 3 4 5 6 DSC05788 DSC05790 DSC05796 DSC05805 DSC05816 DSC05820 DSC05825 DSC05827 DSC05828 DSC05841

I was wearing:

New Yorker shirt-dress

Polo Garage scarf

Zara shoes

Guess watch

Marc Jacobs bracelet

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