Money Talks, Bullshit Walks


As many of you already know, especially the ones that are really interested in what’s new in fashion, Victoria’s Secret show will take place in London this year. The show has been held in various cities across the world during the years, but is the first time the stunning fashion show goes to London. It is without any doubt one of the biggest( over 3000 guests) and the most expected event of the year.

Scrolling down on Facebook this morning, made me come across this article about the well expected show and the fact that the tickets for the annual fashion event are reportedly selling for $16,000. That was not something I didn’t know already, as I asked them myself a few months ago. What blew my mind was the reason for the spicy price. Accordingly to the Telegraph, the high prices are ”to keep out the riff raff”. Having a high-paying audience means people won’t do any unwanted gesture that could ruin the show. ( For my foreign readers who are not maybe familiar with the term, ”riff raff” refers to people regarded as disreputable or worthless, rubbish and trash.) I personally think that the show is amazing enough to worth even $16,000. But the reason got stuck in my mind throughout the day..

We judge everyday. Is a fact that we can ‘t easily change. We judge based on appearances, looks, background, color of the skin, choice of food or lifestyle. And above of all this, we like to assume things. We assume that well dressed people have style, we assume that driving a fast car makes you brave, we assume that having a family makes you happy, we assume that being rich makes you well educated. In a world where money literally buys anything, is easy to be miss leaded regarded to what is authentic about the facts and people we might deal with. There is something so ‘vintage’ about the human beings, and that’s their thinking. We evolve but somehow the prejudices are stuck and part of our human DNA. But as any other creature, we found a way to adapt to all the bullshit walking around us and why not, if it gets overwhelming we can always pay for everything we can’t deal with.

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I was wearing:

Adidas dress

Vans vest

Zara shoes

Marc Jacobs bracelet

Guess watch

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