What Do You Pay For?

One of the things we do everyday is paying for stuff. Bills, food, clothes, transportation, nothing is free. But what when we start paying for the stuff which supposed to be free? Is there any thing we can’t buy with … Continue reading

If I Were A Boy

Fetele destepte sunt simple. Complicat e sa deal cu toate consecintele faptului ca ea nu e macar la fel de desteapta ca tine. Daca as fi un baiat as cauta o fata desteapta, care desi nu-si aminteste constanta gravitationala, e … Continue reading

Sweet Emotion

Sunday night out with my girls, in the most amazing light when you’re not sure if is already dark and when the city lights are all the setting for your story. Have the best evening! :) I was wearing: Guara dress H&M Studio sweater Ecco … Continue reading

25 shades of you

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about life and the way we often forget to live it. In this world where ”I have no time” has become the most common phrase we think of, I made up a list with some things we could … Continue reading