C&A A/W 2016

c&a 1

Yesterday was all about C&A’s new collection! Inspired by the idea of nature being part of everyday life, the Autumn/Winter Collection uses organic textures and delicate fabrics. I fall in love with the cashmere sweaters in icy pastels and I can’t wait to wear the denim dresses and skirts that are my favorite for the next season. And we already know that C&A loves #denim, and we love that it comes in all the shapes, sizes, washes and details.

It’s the beginning of summer, but we’re already all set for the next season! Well done C&A!

c&a 2 c&a 3 c&a 4 c&a 5 c&a 6 c&a 7 c&a 9 c&a 10 c&a 11 c&a 12 c&a 13 c&a 14

c&a 15 c&a 16 c&a 17 c&a 18

I was wearing:

H&M dress

KOTON jacket

Adidas shoes

New Yorker sunglasses

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