Just As It Would Have Been In 1853


I love the story behind the story. Every brand that stands and makes history has a story behind it. Levi’s tells a story that I keep reading and which I like to share with the others. Same with the story of these socks that I accidently found in a Levi’s store while I was shopping with my best friend. And these socks tell a story, the same one for the last 160 years. Made from the finest cotton yarn and knitted on a traditional 48 needle machine, they follow the same way of being manufactured as it would have been in 1853. I loved the fact that they come in a jar with some spare wool, a big needle and this tiny “Sock maintenance manual” which explains “the art of darning” step by step. It is said, that in Mr. Strauss’ day, if a sock got a hole, owners repaired it with a process called “darning”. I’m not sure if it was the same process or not, but I remember my mom sawing my socks all the time when I was a little child. And that’s not just a process, that’s a feeling, that’s love and that’s life. And life is nothing else but a story.

levis-2 levis-3 levis-4 levis-5 levis-6

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