-How are u? -Popular!

It’s us, the generation of ”Like”, the individuals that are their own promoters for the ultimate goal of being popular. Success is measured in number of followers, achievement is given by the number of posts and glory is gained by the numbers of likes. We are all stars in our published on walls life, we all have our 15 minutes of fame, surrounded by the envy, appreciation, adulation of our fans-friends that use us as a standard for their personal success or happiness. The wish of ”Like” makes us invent ourselves, living 50% in our wall reality, with the absolute goal of doing more to publish more. And while you’re on the phone with your best friend telling you ”I have to go, someone just liked me on Facebook”, I ask u: how are u today? Popular, of course :)

DSC06736 DSC06739 DSC06742 DSC06744 DSC06745 DSC06746 DSC06754 DSC06755 DSC06759 DSC06761 DSC06765 DSC06767 DSC06775 DSC06777 DSC06787 DSC06791 DSC06802 DSC06805 DSC06814 DSC06816 DSC06818 DSC06820

I was wearing:

U.S. Polo Assn shirt

Zara sweater

New Yorker skirt

Nike sneakers

Tommy Hilfiger watch

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