I Plan to Buy an Elephant

Even if I’m not that type of person that likes to know what it will happen next, I sometimes make planes. Some plans are easy to make, as the grocery list for the supermarket, the choice of a lipstick shade or the things to have for dinner and lunch. Some other plans are life changing. And there are those plans that might never come true. We sometimes dream big, expect all and want everything. There was this teacher I had in high school that once said that if you want something in life and you do absolutely everything in order to achieve that thing, you will. And I believe that if somehow we find the strength and the self-control in order to do that, we might as well succeed. But till we get to that point of wisdom, comprehension and cleverness, in order to avoid disappointment, sadness or failure, we should postpone our plan to buy an elephant.

DSC07045 DSC07063 DSC07072 DSC07080 DSC07084 DSC07095 DSC07100 DSC07103 DSC07112 DSC07128 DSC07130 DSC07214 DSC07234 DSC07254

I was wearing:

Zara t-shirt and pants

Motor jacket

Adidas sneakers

DKNY bracelet

Marc Jacobs bracelet

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