You can’t sit with us


It all starts when you’re a kid and your first bff tells you, you can’t sit with the boys because they are all mean. Then you hear it again in kindergarten, when the bank colleague says you can’t sit with her because you are too tall. In school you hear it a lot from the popular girl that feels threatened, from the teacher that makes you join the literature club, from the smoking friends whose habit you don’t share, from the winning team in the handball game. Then you grow up and you realize that you don’t want to sit with everyone. Is the same thing as when you were just a kid, only that you make the selection on a different criteria. Humans have this imperative need to divide everything into groups, to categorize things, actions, people and to label them using their own criteria which has no connection to reality whatsoever. People that matter sitting with are never obvious, they don’t judge, they never feel the need to be right, they never want to be in the spotlight, they can admit they might be wrong. We’ll always reject and judge everything that we don’t understand. I really think that the level of tolerance is proportional with the level of education one has. ‘You can’t sit with us’ is just another way of telling ‘I don’t get you’. And who wants to sit with someone that doesn’t gets it?!

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This was shoot at Promenada Mall on the roof terrace. Enjoy!

I was wearing:

H&M long t-shirt

Steilmann vest

Ovye sneakers

Tommy Hilfiger bag and watch

Marc Jacobs bracelet

Ray-Ban sunglasses

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