You can’t go further away before coming back




We belong to everyone. Is not often we get to ride with ourselves. I sometimes want to take myself away. A long ride all by myself, in search of nothing, no goals attached, no feelings to be figured out, no heavy luggage or thoughts. I wonder where is the further I can go. I surely believe in limits, limitations and of course in the risk of crossing the line. I don’t wonder often what’s on the other side of my courage. I can live happily with the boundaries I created myself and even if they get wider with time I don’t feel the need to touch the limit too often.

I believe I know what I want to become. I believe I ride on the right road. I believe I need to stop several times till I get there. I believe we are our own creation. I believe in good choices. I believe in the happiness I found. I believe in the value of journey. I believe in the chances I get along the way. I believe I am not there yet. And I believe I want to go as far as I can before coming back.

DSC00705 DSC00709 DSC00712 DSC00717 DSC00725 DSC00727 DSC00729 DSC00730 DSC00735 DSC00740 DSC00748 DSC00753 DSC00762


I was wearing:

Zara t-shirt

Andy Warhol by Pepe Jeans silk shorts

Diesel watch

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