There Will Always Be Someone Better Then You


I always wanted to be the best at something. Even if I’m not there yet, I will keep trying. I don’t believe in doing it all, but I think that one thing we choose to do we should do it at its best. I know that in the end is more a matter of choosing what we are good at, we can’t be good singers if we can’t sing. Sometimes you want to be the best for someone, but it doesn’t help unless you are yourself. Other times you want to build your character in the best way developing those traits you admire most in the others. Sometimes is enough to be one of a kind. If there is no one else like you, you can only be the best at what you do.

Today shooting this with the wind in my hair and my heels on the ground I had the best feeling ever. For now I know what I want to do, I work to make it happen and I might be even better then you someday.

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This is one of my favorite songs from Robbie Williams. Play it with me!

I was wearing:

Denny Rose skirt

Kenvelo t-shirt

Guess shoes

Diesel watch

DKNY bracelet

 Morellato bracelet

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