How Good Can a Bad Gift Be? – a genuine guide for all the men in our life

I often heard that usually men need more help then women when it comes to gifts. And because it’s that time of the year, I thought I should give a hand to all the men in our life by making a list of the perfect gifts for every woman. There’s no room for bad gifts this season!


Am auzit de multe ori, ca spre deosebire de femei, barbatii ar avea ceva mai multa nevoie de ajutor atunci cand vine vorba despre ce ar putea sa puna sub bradul femeilor din viata lor. Asa mi-a venit ideea de a veni in ajutorul tuturor barbatiilor din viata noastra cu o sugestie de cadouri super potrivite pentru toate femeile.


  1. The Gift Card

Tip: Ask her for her favorite brand ;)
Sfat: Intreab-o brandul ei favorit ;)


2. The Big Bear

3. The Parfume

Tip: Take a peek on her toilet table
Sfat: Trage cu ochiul la ce parfum are acasa

4. The Gadget


5. The Cashmere


6. The Jewelry

Tip: No marriage proposal for holidays! Christmas is enough fuss already!
Sfat: Fara cereri in casatorie de sarbatori! Craciunul e suficient tam-tam pentru toata luna decembrie, si ziua aia speciala ar trebui sa fie doar despre voi doi.

7. The Holiday


8. The Show


9. The PUPPY


10. A R T

Tip: Old books, antiques, paintings, anything goes!
Sfat: Carti vechi, antichitati, tablouri!

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