This Is It. You Are It For Me.

Imagine a piece of clothing that goes with everything! Something so versatile you can mix it up with your sneakers, your jeans, your office suit, with the little black dress, the ball gown, the tracksuit or the swimming suit in … Continue reading

Any Resemblance To Real Persons Is Purely Coincidental

Imagineza-ma asa cum vrei. La urma urmei, toti traim in propria imaginatie cand realitatea nu se ridica la inaltimea asteptarilor. Si eu mi-am imaginat de nenumarate ori ca suntem prieteni sau prieteni cu beneficii, fara sa facem sex, ca esti … Continue reading


This was shoot on Christmas day, in the most sunny day of December. Hope you all had a fabulous Christmas and I think is time to get ready for the New Year’s Eve celebration. Party time! I was wearing: H&M … Continue reading