This Is It. You Are It For Me.

Imagine a piece of clothing that goes with everything! Something so versatile you can mix it up with your sneakers, your jeans, your office suit, with the little black dress, the ball gown, the tracksuit or the swimming suit in a summer day at the beach. This bag is all that! It really goes with everything! It’s big enough to fit in it the wallet, the phone, some make-up, the phone charger, the keys and whatever other small thing you really can’t live without. And besides all that, it’s small enough to take it as a clutch to a formal dinner or a fancy soiree with the gang, as you can hide the straps inside and you’re ready to go. And the best part is that it has no silver or gold metalic details, so it really goes with any type of jewelry you might want to wear. For me personally, I can honestly tell you, this is it, I stopped looking. Dear Cos bag, this is it, you are it for me!

I was wearing:

Cos bag

H&M man long vest

H&M sunglasses

Pull & Bear jeans

Calvin Klein shoes, necklace and bracelet

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