Happy Ending

The happy ending stories start with ‘once upon a time’… If you would know that your own life will have a happy ending, you would probably live it from a different perspective, giving more chances to the hazard, going over the sad moments as you go over the chapters of a book, or allowing yourself to dream of something you would never do. But is not like that. Is us that guarantee the happy ending. Or not… Caught in the twirl of life, we forget where we started and we arrive where we never thought we will be. Some call it fate, I think is all about the choices we make. We miss: a lifetime friendship, the talent we never knew we had, the love with tears and butterflies, a world of unfulfilled dreams. Life is not a rehearsal. No one guarantees the success but mostly you will fail because you never tried. In the end you pay with memories from your own life lived with the eyes half shut and a feeling of double identity. I succeeded in everything I wanted to do each time I stopped to only dream of succeeding. And I strongly believe that every real problem has an achievable solution even if we are unable to see it. We all remember the last ‘what if’ situation we were in. And as some people sometimes believed in me, I thought I should do it too, but do it every time. Try it yourself, is not such thing as failing if you’re the only one knowing it.


Povestile cu final fericit incep tot cu a fost odata. Daca ai stii ca propria viata va avea la un moment dat un final fericit, ai trai-o poate din alta perspectiva, ai da mai multe sanse intamplarii, ai derula secventele triste ca pe capitolele unei carti sau ti-ai permite sa visezi la ceva ce n-ai sa faci niciodata. Dar nu. Finalul fericit ni-l garantam singuri. Sau nu. Prinsi in vartej uitam de unde am plecat si ajungem unde nu ne-am propus niciodata. Unii-l numesc destin, eu le numesc alegeri proprii. Ratam: o prietenie pentru o viata, talentul de care n-am stiut niciodata, o iubire cu fluturi si lacrimi, o lume de vise nerealizate. Viata nu e cu repetitive. Nu-ti garanteaza nimeni reusita dar de cele mai multe ori vei esua pentru ca n-ai incercat niciodata. La final platesti cu amintiri din viata ta traita cu ochii pe jumatate inchisi si cu un sentiment de identitate dubla. Am reusit tot ce mi-am dorit de fiecare data cand am incetat doar sa visez la reusita. Si cred cu convingere ca fiecare problema reala are o solutie realizabila chiar daca suntem incapabili sa sesizam rezolvarea. Ne amintim cu totii ultima data cand am trait un “ce-ar fi fost daca”. Asa cum unii oameni au crezut in mine cateodata, m-am gandit sa cred si eu, de fiecare data. Incearca si tu, nu exista esec cand stii numai tu.



DSC08102 DSC08117 DSC08134 DSC08139 DSC08140 DSC08148 DSC08151 DSC08159 DSC08163 DSC08171 DSC08173 DSC08189 DSC08191 DSC08206 DSC08215 DSC08226 DSC08244 DSC08248 DSC08251 DSC08252 DSC08267 DSC08456

I was wearing:

Zara blazer

Denny Rose trousers

BSB shirt

Guess shoes

Diesel watch

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