I Trust In Zara


Do you know those OMG I have nothing to wear situations? The last minute party you were invited to, the job interview you hoped for in the last weeks, the graduation of a friend, the first date, the second date, ok.. all the dates :P ,the drinks with friends on Monday, the going to a club on Saturday, the dinner with his parents!, the lunch with her parents.. guys!, the event you were invited to, the going to shopping outfit you shopped for last time you went shopping.. hmm, yes there are all situations in which we need something we can trust and count on.

I trust in Zara! For me is like the best friend on the speed dial, always there when I need it. No matter the situation, the fashion emergency, the last minute notice, you’ll find something that fits you perfectly and makes your day fabulous.

So Dear Romania, be ready because Zara is available online starting tomorrow! I’m sure that many of you share my enthusiasm, especially the ones that have to travel to other cities to get what they need from their favorite store! No need anymore, starting tomorrow we all have our own Zara store on http://www.zara.com ! Enjoy!


DSC09933 DSC09953

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